Huis, Woning, Tuiste: In My Donker Huis


LITNET het in Februarie ‘n gedigkompetisie aangebied. Ek lees vanaand op Facebook hulle het 444 inskrywings gehad en hulle het die 25 beste gedigte nou aangekondig. My naam is nie op die lys nie, maar dit maak nie saak nie. Ek het op skool laas geweet hoe om ‘n properse gedig te skryf. Ek skribbel wat in my gedagtes opkom en noem dit ‘n “gedig”. Ek moet weer leer van sonette, haiku’s, ensovoorts – en daarby sal ek uitkom. Middel April begin ek met ‘n kursus – iets om na uit te sien.

Hier is die skakel na my gedig.

Is Having Bipolar Disorder All Doom and Gloom Or Are There Any Advantages To it?


[Please note before reading this article: I am on the best medication available and I take it religiously. I’ve educated myself about all the symptoms and different phases of bipolar disorder and my radar is on high alert all the time. I read up on bipolar disorder frequently – there is always something new to learn. This article is about my positive experiences with bipolar disorder. I hope that you, in reading this, will find some pointers that you can relate to.]

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Mental Health In The Workplace


IMPORTANT: SADAG is having a #FacebookFriday online chat tomorrow, Friday 24 March. Don’t miss it! This is your chance to ask psychologists questions.

Want To Be Happy? Time To Let Go …

Young woman in heart shaped sunglasses taking selfie on the beach

10 Things To Let Go Of If You Want A Happy Life

Here’s a little Psychologies wisdom to help you ditch the ideas that are holding you back and make yourself happy right now. By Psychologies.

  1. ‘If I’m good, eventually I’ll get the life I deserve.’ Newsflash, you are already good enough. As we all know, success does not only come to those who deserve it.
  2. ‘Some day my prince will come.’ Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. But don’t waste your precious, lovely life waiting. The frog prince is the world’s most popular romantic metaphor for a reason – it happens every day.
  3. ‘I’ll save those for a special occasion.’ No, you won’t. Whether it’s a gorgeous party dress or vintage Royal Doulton China, it’s pretty much guaranteed that said items will languish in the back of a cupboard. Use them today. To quote author Loretta La Roche: “Life is short, wear your party pants.”
  4. ‘When I achieve X, “they” will finally tell me they love me.’ Trouble is, they probably won’t. If someone doesn’t approve of you today, let go of trying to change their opinion tomorrow. And for heaven’s sake don’t make major life choices in the hopes of winning them over.
  5. ‘If only I lost 10lbs, I’d feel happy with myself.’ OK, so you might feel better, but only for about five minutes and the novelty will wear off. And in any case, you’re unlikely to ever lose weight starting from a place of self-loathing. Make peace with the way you look now and change is more likely to happen.
  6. ‘It’s all their fault …’ When life hits a U-bend, it’s tempting to blame other people, be it an unsupportive parent, toxic partner or mean boss. You may well be right, circumstances may be down to them. But blaming them is keeping you stuck and giving them the power they don’t deserve. Success is the best revenge.
  7. ‘I’ll pay off my credit card bills when I get a large chunk of money.’ From where the tooth fairy? While it’s comforting to fantasise about the lottery win/billionaire husband you haven’t met yet, the banks are laughing all the way to the, er, bank, with those interest charges. Three words, zero balance transfer.
  8. ‘Hey, the kid can sing …’ Somewhere deep in all of our hearts is a fantasy about or talents being fully seen by an another person, usually a person with the power to offer us, if not an international recording contract, then at least gold-plated permission to do the thing we dream of doing. The good news is this – the only person who can really give you permission is you. Ask her/him … she/he is not going to say no.
  9. ‘I’ll do it tomorrow …’ Why is it that we imagine that we will magically feel more in the mood for getting out of our comfort zone the day after today? Any daunting task, be it doing your accounts or getting down to that screenplay/exercise regime, is not going to get easier tomorrow, because you’ll have a much heavier burden of expectation on yourself. It’s far better to do five minutes of a task right now, than promise five hours tomorrow.
  10. ‘I can’t believe they let me down like that, this relationship is over.’ Looking for one person, be it a romantic power or best friend, to meet too many of our needs is a recipe for disappointment. Everyone has their limitations and you may be expecting more from a particular person than they’re capable of giving. American coach Cheryl Richardson has a useful maxim: “Don’t go to the hardware store for milk.” In other words, don’t call your recently divorced friend if you want someone to listen to you swoon over your new love interest.

Are You A Hoarder Of Old Emotions? Here’s My Nine Tips To Help You De-clutter Your Emotional Closet


I don’t believe in spring cleaning the house only in September. I do it all year round. Because I don’t like hoarding stuff, I detest dusty curtains and cluttered closets kill me.

With that in mind, I’m also a firm believer of emotional spring cleaning. I suffer from a mental illness (bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder) and it is just too dangerous for me to pack old emotions into a box called the subconscious mind and think that I will deal with them at a later stage. Continue reading